Customer Journey Mapping – Video Guide

So many ways to interact with your customers, but where to focus?


That was the introduction in our last article about how you can work with your Customer Journey’s to focus your multichannel efforts and increase sales. You can read the article here if you missed it > link to the article

Luckily we had some positive reactions, (thank you), and amongst these some of you asked if…

”we could make a video and show us how to get started… in a practical way”

And of cause…

Here you go, a video guide on how you can get started with Customer Journey Mapping, which will help you, your management team and your peers:

  1. Prioritize your digital and physical efforts
  2. Balance multichannel (omni-channel) interactions
  3. Increase impact and sales

Just click the video below to watch >>


So bottom line, a simple exercise for you as a leader to challenge your team and understand your costumer journeys – both digitally and physically. And essentially help you evaluate and prioritise investments… it is after all, ALL about the costumer and how well you can offer a seamless buying experience, right?

Happy Journey Mapping…

Till next time,