The Company

Bodylab is the market leader in the development and innovation of sports nutrition and fit lifestyle products in Scandinavia. The strong position has been accomplished by constantly developing clean, honest, convenient and great tasting quality products developed in Denmark.

The Vision

First step was to outline a 3-year strategy plan together with the management team. It should provide guided choices as Bodylab experienced several market possibilities, but was lacking a clear focus.

To make the strategy and direction even more clear, we should identify certain “Must-Win-Battles”. The strategy should be clear and easy to communicate to the organization.  To ensure strategy execution a sparring and follow-up process was part of the project.

Second step was to build the B2B organization to ensure continuous growth in Denmark focusing on new sales channels in B2B. Finally, we should initiate a more professional set-up towards export countries for exploring the opportunities for the great tasting products outside Denmark.

Creating a 3-year strategy plan with clear Must-Win-Battles, in a format where it easily could be communicated to the organisation

The management team at Bodylab was seeing several business opportunities, but was lacking a clear focus. As Bodylab has realized extensive growth both in turnover and as an organisation during the past years, it was evident that being able to communicate the direction and focus areas was more important than ever.

Projects and initiatives that previously were good business had to be down prioritised as even more attractive possibilities lay ahead. New skills and a more professional and long term approach were needed to go after these possibilities.

Building the B2B sales organisation to ensure continuous growth in Denmark

To fulfil the ambitious goals for Denmark, there was a need to expand the sales team for servicing independent gyms, fitness chains, supplements store etc. Parallel with hiring of skilled sales people, we built the foundation for conducting and managing sales, professionally and efficiently, in Bodylabs B2B sales organization. Among other things this included introducing various tools and templates, but also sharing best practice and creating a Bodylab way of working.

To ensure profitable growth we introduced a customer segmentation model, aiming at identifying cost-effective appropriate service level towards a demanding market with fierce competition.

Establish Bodylab as a brand in selected markets and reaching sales of + 1,5 Million EURO

To reach the targets for export, the first step was to headhunt/appoint a new “Head of export”. Alongside this, new tools and templates for being able to evaluate the potential of the market and the potential distributor were introduced.

Doing export requires different skills, and often a more professional set-up is expected as you work with distributors, who have great experiences in doing business in their home country.

We are currently opening new markets, and it looks very promising.


It is a pleasure working with such a great and motivated team, and being part of a company where there are so many possibilities for further growth in Denmark but also outside Denmark. As a side note it should be mentioned, that I admire the founder & owner for being aware and honest about the need for support in certain areas of the business. An insight many other businesses could benefit from.

Jesper Hammer