The Company

A London based entrepreneur and his Middle Eastern based partner manages a portfolio of businesses, amongst others a very successful range of shoe stores in the middle east.

The Vision

Create a new global footwear brand!

The first step has been to create a plan which can cover all tracks of creating a new global footwear brand. The next step was to define and create a unique new type of sole, fitting exactly to a certain consumer and in such a manner that we can compete in a specific area of the footwear market. Hereafter to help formulate and execute a suitable strategy.

Outline the creation of a new, global shoe brand

Informed choices and timely action is crucial when launching a new brand. Creating an overview, visualising the tracks which can lead to a successful launch, is imperative. Project management can be a generic process oriented task but in this case it has been an extremely specific task where in depth knowledge about the entire value chain involved when managing everything from a brands WHY thru detailed product development all the way to servicing consumers on the shop.

Finding the right team to create a brand new shoe concept!

The task has not been to launch ‘’just’’ a new shoe brand. It has been to develop a new concept. A concept where the main feature is a shoe, which value proposition is ‘’beyond comfort’’.

So we developed a sole which can compete with the trending amount of super light and comfortable EVA/PU soles, booming in the athleisure segment and the durable, snug fitting PU soles utilized by many of the large comfort brands.

And with the right team of extremely experienced experts, we managed to do exactly this.

Creating a brand and a commercially viable strategy

Now that we have the final samples and the first production order in the works, we can make our first test launch in April. Parallel with this, the commercial activities  are starting to take place and Autumn Winter 2017 we will break ground internationally.

This project has been characterized by determination to create something truly unique in regards to comfort and quality. Working for many years in this exact segment I know that this is not an easy task – but with the right team, anything is possible. And I am really proud when I see and feel what we, as a team, have accomplished here.

Nicolaj Hansen