The Company

Henan Prosper is the world's largest wool-on lamb and sheepskin supplier. And as a part of the Henan Prosper portfolio we find Cozy, which is a shoes and apparel brand growing rapidly, especially in China where the brand has opened more that 200 stores in just a few years. The Cozy shoes are developed and produced on cutting edge direct injection machines utilizing precise craftsmanship and high quality components. Quality and comfort is key and with just the right amount of Chinese heritage we have one of the world’s first high quality shoe brands, originally designed, developed and produced in China, successfully expanding globally.

The Vision

Our task is to help Cozy expand globally and profitably.

Pushing the limits of traditional retail

There are many ways of increasing sales and services in relation to our target consumer. One of the areas that we are exploring in this case is how we can go beyond ‘’normal service’’ and really optimize the customer journey utilizing all aspects from face to face thru omni-commerce to ensure second to none service.

Profitable expansion in China

Considering a very successful and extremely rapid expansion of the brand in China, we are focusing on profitability within existing retail along with a detailed segmentation of customers, products and services.

A global expansion strategy

Creating and helping executing a global expansion strategy for Cozy is a fine balance between agility, speed, stability and a careful brand exercise. Henan Prosper is a very successful corporation with competent people. And the exercise is more so, one of agile and profitable brand expansion with integrity as a global retailer, than a volume exercise. Hence, very careful planning, communication and execution has been and is key.

An opportunity like this comes along very few times, where you have such technical competencies combined with strong commercial skills and determination to expand in the right way. We are extremely excited to be part of this journey.

Flemming O. Nielsen