Customer Journey Mapping – Video Guide

Prioritizing investments across channels can be tough! Here is a practical video guide to get you started with Customer Journey Mapping.
This is a supplement to one our latest articles about Customer Journey Mapping ”Dear CxO…just focus on the customer journey”.
Journey mapping can also be a very useful way to prioritize efforts when entering news markets, expanding internationally. … Read more


International Expansion – How to go to market

We are now ready with our third article in the series on International Expansion and this one will cover “go to market” aspects and what to be aware of when you want to build your presence in a new market. For readers experienced in international expansion this may be rather basic, but perhaps still worth a recap.… Read more


Dear CxO… Just focus on the costumer journey!

Are you struggling with digital transformation in your commercial and customer facing end of the business? It’s only natural, it is a big elephant to eat in just one sitting. And first you have to catch it. And it’s most likely acting like an angry female elephant protecting its cubs… it’s big and it’s faster than you think!… Read more


International expansion – Do you have what it takes

This article is the second in the series and it deals with if 1) your organisation and 2) your internal resources are capable of pursuing an international expansion. Where the first article, which you can read here, focused on the market facing aspects of getting the product right, the pricing right and finding the right partner, we will now be looking more internally at your own company.… Read more


International expansion – How to avoid the pitfalls on an exciting journey

There are many reasons for businesses wanting to expand internationally. We’ve seen several successes, but probably more failures on how to go about this. We’ve decided to put a series of articles together that will cover various aspects of how to take your business international, based on own experiences and the successes, failures and unfulfilled potential we’ve seen.… Read more


How to compete

Only very few are fortunate enough that their customers can’t buy similar products or services from other vendors. The question is then if you just copy whatever your competitor is offering or if you make conscious decisions about how you want to differentiate yourself and how you want to compete?… Read more

The economic essentials of digital strategy

These days, something of a mix of the fear of sharks and the thrill of big-wave surfing pervades the executive suites we visit, when the conversation turns to the threats and opportunities arising from digitization. … Read more