The Company

Morsø has been known for its design traditions - for more than 160 years. Morsø products are built to last. Their solidity comes from a pride in the quality of manufacture. Morsø products produce a unique atmosphere inside and outside the home, bringing families together and making friends happy.  A house with a Morsø is more than just a place to live.

The Vision

To build a sales excellence programme that allows Morsø to become second to none by being the most professional and efficient business partner in the ‘’atmosphere’’ industry. We must build strong customer relations and deliver excellent sales performance for our customers and for Morsø.


Sales Strategy Workshop – making it possible and understandable.

Initially we started our corporation with Morsø with a 1-day workshop. The objective was to communicate the strategy to the sales organization and support them in planning how to achieve the very ambitious sales target set by Board of Directors. The purpose of the workshop was to “slice the elephant into pieces” by making it understandable and set reachable milestones for the various areas; countries, product categories and sales channels.

Building a sales excellence program to optimize sales and deliver even higher service standards towards customers

The sales excellence program named Morsø Sales Management, is all about combining the best practices found in Morsø today with proven best in class external practices, thereby creating a new standard for planning, executing and optimizing sales in Morsø. This should happen and be carried out with an even higher professionalism than today. Ambitious, but realistic!

Old habits had to be changed and the organization was reorganized to better align with the new ways of working.

Segmentation of customers and products

The customer- and product segmentation has the purpose of prioritizing key customers and scale the services per attractiveness of the various customer segments. The aim is to maximize profitability by focusing on providing a range of services which create the most value for the various customer segments, and for Morsø

Likewise, we should stop providing certain services to selected customers, who didn’t value the service provided anyway. You might think this does not happen – but it does and it costs a lot of money!


Just sometimes, it happens that you become so positively surprised, that even the most difficult tasks suddenly seem possible…

Jesper og Nicolaj safely managed to slice the elephant into pieces. They demonstrated that you as a team - when keeping a clear focus and being challenged on how to do it – makes impossible matters possible.

2 guys that understand how to bring strategic matters down to earth and motivating any sales organization.

Søren Færch, Country Manager – Denmark, Sweden & Norway

It's a privilege being able to support such a well-known and respected brand. It has been a great journey and good experience changing some of the old habits at Morsø together with the team, and in particular with Søren Færch. It makes me proud.

Jesper Hammer