Jacob Axelsen

Jacob is motivated by seeing things develop. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking a strategy or a product. When things are moving, we are not standing still. Uncompromisingly, he makes sure stakeholders are managed and tasks are delivered to plan.

Through Jacob’s travels and expatriations around the world, he sees the big picture and understands the importance of culture and how imperative it is to manage your resources always.

Jacob is a firm believer that the consumer is king and you need to understand who you are selling to and who you want to sell to before you create your concept, service or product. Therefore, the consumer and market insights gained through a career in branding is pivotal, to be able to advise the customers in the right direction.

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After a stint in the Danish Military service, Jacob joined the ECCO International Trainee Education. A program that took him across the globe to study and get hands on experience in the entire company value chain.

For formal education, he holds a CBA degree from Nottingham Trent University and participated in several management leadership programs, which specifically trains in The Leadership Pipeline. All training directly put into the daily business.

Jacob was also a part of the ECCO Talent program and ECCO’s Top 100 managers, which included studies and courses with a strategic focus.


Jacob comes from a career in the corporate world, mainly with ECCO Shoes, holding several positions within the fields of branding, design, product development and go-to-market. Working in and with most entities of the value chain on 3 different continents.

With significant and hands on business understanding, Jacob creates opportunities and makes clear and understandable plans and strategies, ready for execution. He understands that a strategy is just a piece of paper until it’s executed. This mindset was a superb fit into the Effect Strategy thinking of Rezolto.

Latest stint abroad, Jacob was stationed in Hamburg assigned with creating a product strategy and go-to-market plans for the German market. Understanding the consumer and the very competitive environment was key, both to connect with customers and to gain the trust of the entire sales organization, to have a strategy in place and to execute within a very short time frame.


Why Rezolto

When the opportunity presented itself, it was an easy “yes” to join a team of highly skilled and competent individuals.

The plans to grow Rezolto internationally provides the chance to work on a high level with international companies, and the value proposition of creating a kick ass, hands on team, that can service customers in almost any kind of expansion they are looking for, really got the motivation going.

Nicolaj Hansen

PARTNER & Chief Dot Connector
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Jesper Hammer

PARTNER & Chief Trust Builder
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Create trust
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Flemming O. Nielsen

ASSOCIATED PARTNER & Chief Brand Enhancer
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Sales Management
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Jane Wilson

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Business Turnaround
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Jacob Axelsen

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