Morten Israelsen

Morten will always look for ways to improve profitability. He specializes in how strategy, cross functional alignment, resource allocation and sales growth help drive increased profitability.

He has an extensive senior executive career in various international general management roles and a solid academic and finance background that includes several years of big 4 consulting and finance experience.

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Morten holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Aarhus School of Business.

During his career, Morten has participated in several leadership development courses at the companies he has worked for, incl. an internal MBA like programme for select senior executives.

As a member of Young Presidents Organization he participated in various leadership development programmes incl. a course at West Point.

Morten has completed the two-year preparation programme for State Authorised Public Accountant, but never tried for the exam.


Many great experiences have been gained over the years in a career that includes roles as Managing Director of North American businesses, Head of Global Markets and Retail, Finance Director for Asia Pacific and Regional Strategic Business Support for Asia Pacific.

One aspect has been common in all these roles; the pursuit of business performance improvement. Business performance improvement that comes from being crystal clear on what the strategic direction is and from that designing and executing step by step plans that interlink the different functions and activities in the business. Always with an eye to driving increased sustained profitability.

The importance of profitability improvements and quickly understanding performance drivers of a business were developed in the beginning of his career when he worked 5 years as PwC, both as an accountant and as a consultant within buying and selling businesses.

An international career that includes having worked and lived in Hong Kong, Canada, Denmark and UK, but conducting business in several more countries, has been the lead up to forming the London office of Rezolto.

Why Rezolto

The signature aspect of all Rezolto Partners is the hands on, real world business experience coupled with solid academic knowledge that can really make a difference for clients. Not many other consultancies can claim that.

Having been involved in forming the value proposition for Rezolto in mid 2016 and through that being presented the opportunity to work with people that he trusts, understands and respects, both on a professional and personal level, the decision to join Rezolto was an easy one for Morten.

In this next chapter of Rezolto with increased focus on international clients, having the challenge of establishing an office in the international hub, London, seems like a perfect next step in helping more lifestyle companies reach their potential.

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